Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Peach and Borage Gazpacho

Two boxes of luscious peaches from the South of France were to be used up, my Alsation friend and host told me. I thought firstly of a peach salsa to accompany the spicy marinated shoulder of pork, but realised that would use about 3 peaches out of the 20 or so. The recent triumph with cherry gazpacho made the decision very easy, and so the peach gazpacho came to be.

Wild borage was everywhere and cucumbery tones were thrown in to the mix as much for the flavour as for the delightful blue. The chilled result was a summer's delight and just the thing for a scorching day.

This palate cleansing taste of summer would work very well alongside some smoked duck or even duck confit. Or just to soothe and cool down some desperately hot summer walkers; as was the case for a few hot and bothered hikers......

Peach and Borage Gazpacho

4 peaches
8 tomatoes
1 white onion or a few shallots (they need to be mild)
1 clove of garlic
1 red or green chili
1 cucumber
1 red pepper
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar or cider vinegar
Handfull of borage leaves
A few sprigs of fresh mint


Simply wash and chop, blitz all the solid ingredients in a food processor or push through a mouli, add olive oil and vinegar to taste (approx 100ml olive oil and 20ml vinegar), thin with water for the desired consistency and season. Chill very well and decorate with borage flowers.


  1. The only borage I knew of was the one in a gel capsule I take for my better health...I wouldn't of thought of it as an enhancement to food...interesting.

    Sarah...it was nice to recieve your visit...I look forward to seeing more of your dedicated posts ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  2. Waw!! What a divine & festive summer's soup!!

    I also love your presentation!

  3. I can vouch that the Gazpacho tasted as good as it looks, and went beautifully with a chilled glass of local Vin de Alsace, Pinot Gris. I shall be trying this in my north London kitchen but fear without the fresh borage it will be a poor reproduction. Well done Sarah.

  4. Issy, thank you. Let me know how it comes out. You should find some borage along the woodland walk.


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