Monday, 23 August 2010

Welsh Laverbread

I came across this tin of Welsh Laverbread in my cupboard. This was given to me by one of my favourite cooks following a new ingredient revelation. In the Pantheon of my personal food heroes and heroines sits the bearer of this gastronomic introduction. It was a one of those moments in which you die and go to food heaven.

Harvesting and eating seaweed around Ireland, Scotland and Wales is an ancient tradition for our Celtic cousins. The plentiful sea vegetables are laden with nourishment. The seaweed is harvested and boiled for hours, then minced. Looking at laverbread once you've opened the tin, it is difficult to imagine that this black sludge could be such a delight. As you would expect it tastes intensely of the sea. Simply adding a few tablespoons of oatmeal (about one third) shaping into cakes and frying and you have a rare treat,which goes very well with eggs and bacon, or cockles as is the traditional accompaniment in Wales.

You can buy online at Parsons Pickles, where I'm just about to place an order.

To make laverbread cakes, simply mix about one third oatmeal or porridge oats to the laver and shallow fry in hot sunflower oil.


  1., thanks to you I am a little more informed on a product I knew absolutely nothing about. At least now...if I travel to that part of Europe...I'll know what to expect ;o)

    Have a wonderful day and flavourful wishes,

  2. I am lucky enough to now live in Swansea and have a fresh supply of laverbread on a weekly basis. I tend to go through a small pot every fortnight or so. I haven't been very adventurous with it, yet, just enjoying it spread on toast, particularly good with soft boiled or scrambled eggs. However I haven't had the idea of the little cakes, which I shall try thanks to your suggestion (or that of your friend). Your blog is beautiful, by the way, I am very pleased to have come across it.

  3. Tehmina, thank you for your visit and comment. Laver is amazing and reading this again I want to eat some right now, it is that addictive! The little cakes couldn't be easier and make a real meal out of the ingredient.


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